Boy = a noise with dirt on

Recipe for a rainy day play date:

Take 2 ultra-excited first grade boys home for a play date after school.

Add approximately 300 Hot Wheels cars.

Stir vigorously, preferably by throwing cars repeatedly at the hardwood floor.

Season liberally with shrieks, uncontrollable giggles, and rude noises.

Remove cats, all breakable items, and your last lingering coherent thoughts and store them safely out of the Zone of Destruction.

Set up an indoor tent. Confine boys and Hot Wheels inside for the predetermined length of  preparation time. (The predetermined length of preparation time = as long as you can get away with hiding while they don’t know you’re gone.)

When the noise falls silent, panic and immediately check on your creation. It may be cooking away, working toward perfection. Or, the boys may be dead.

Recipe is complete when boys have a loud dispute about what to do next and both storm off to play in separate rooms. If your planning and preparation have been sufficient, this will be immediately followed by the arrival of another mom and the whisking away of an extra child. If not…well, you don’t want to know. Use your psychic mom powers to guarantee that your planning and preparation are sufficient.

Result? Mind blown.



11 thoughts on “Boy = a noise with dirt on

  1. This is great!! Once I read your title I needed to come check your post, and I’m really glad I did. I had an out-loud laugh when part of your quiet time included dead boys! Hoping your timing was perfect and said guest was whisked away in a timely manner. Thanks for the laugh.


    1. The other mom arrived four minutes after the boys decided they really were done playing together! I got some work done, they had fun, everyone stayed dry, and no one died! A perfect afternoon!


  2. I love this format and may have to borrow for a post. Welcome to the Slice Adventure! This is my sixth year and I have been blogging with students after my first time finishing the month! Keep the words going! It sounds like you will find plenty of material in your son and his first grade adventures.


  3. Exactly!! A recipe for disaster? Sometimes. Always spicy, and may lead to indigestion. I’m a mom of four boys. It is hard to have play dates when I can’t just send them outside to find “something interesting”. It is a blessing to living in the country. Bless you for the play date and the inside fun! Your treasures wait in heaven!


    1. I cannot imagine raising four boys, let alone having them invite friends over. The last time I had four boys in my house, it sounded like there were 12,000 wildebeests rampaging in the living room!


    1. My mom gave him a big craft bin with little drawers inside, designed to hold various craft projects, and we can fit an astonishing number inside that. Plus, about 100 came with his friend because they had to race Hot Wheels against each other!


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