A dozen mini slices for the 12th

Today’s post was inspired by some of the list posts I have seen lately. I give you 12 little bitty slices about my Sunday.

  1. 100 year old houses need custom window blinds. A six year old dancing naked on top of the LEGO table while scratching at the blinds like a cat makes short work of them.
  2. Musical rhythm exercises are a lot more fun if you do them while singing along to the radio and eating pizza.
  3. My son taught me his special dance that he made up for the Gipsy Kings. It looks like electric eel meets Bollywood, but the smile on his face while we had the dance party made it worth learning.
  4. I discovered (well, technically, my husband discovered and showed me) that my iPhone has a sort button in iTunes and my albums can be reunited with the wandering songs that had been scattered to the winds. I can play entire albums again! Time for another dance party in celebration!
  5. My son can sing along to the 80s one-hit wonder “Video Killed the Radio Star.” He doesn’t know what a video is, but it is still adorable.
  6. The upside of crummy joints that give out on you unpredictably is watching a movie while you knit and someone else is doing the yard work.
  7. Even when you are racing your imaginary cats in the front yard lap marathon, you may not always be in first place.
  8. Waking up on daylight savings time changing day is especially confusing when you cannot remember if your clocks and devices automatically adjust for the time change or not.
  9. A corollary: Even if you don’t know what the clock time is, Sunday morning is always an excellent time for waffles.
  10. It is possible to make a 20 foot long, historically accurate, scale model of the U.S.S. Missouri, complete with flags and crew, entirely out of LEGO. Ditto an entire steampunk village covered in gears and moving parts, or a 6 foot tall room with a picture window showing people on a lake, complete with our iconic Mt. Hood reflected in the water, or a train yard complete with tracks, moving trains, semis, and  landscaping. Also, the world contains people who build LEGO graveyards.
  11. My 6 year old is perfectly capable of standing still for long stretches, paying fierce attention, focusing on one thing at a time, and asking polite and relevant questions of adults he does not even know…as long as it involves LEGO.
  12. Sometimes I get grumpy, and sometimes I get stressed. But sometimes, I remember that my life is pretty darn good.

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