An insomniac’s lament in verse

It begins as a kind of an itch, a

Niggling in the back of the brain.

So much work to be done tomorrow


Maybe I should have done things differently.

Now I stare down the clock, minutes ticking away

Insistently, unless sleep claims me

At last.

11 thoughts on “An insomniac’s lament in verse

  1. We spend a lot of time thinking about what we need to be doing. That’s not always a bad thing. Sometimes, that thinking time solves problems in unusual ways or develops an alternative path to a decision. There’s power in that kind of quiet.


    1. It is a nice way to think about it. Not that it helped much. Between insomnia, the kitten going bonkers, my son getting up, both cats fighting, the kitten going bonkers again, my son getting up again, another cat skirmish and then finally everything settling down, I was up until 2:15am, then up again at 5:15 when the kitten started to gnaw a hole in my blanket and then at 5:30 when my husband said it was time to get up for work!


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