My Life as a Plate Spinner


Everything balanced-

Not in perfect proportion,

But not precariously every day.


I keep those plates spinning,

Swiftly shifting attention and energy,

A little quiver here,

A little shimmy there,

But they wobble on, all the same.



One little thing goes wrong,

An emergency,

Or a tiny inconvenience

Magnified into ridiculousness

by the paltry forces holding everything together,

Moving in motion together,

Orbiting me, the gravitational center.


Until one little thing goes wrong,

and everything






“Chinese acrobats perform for holiday in Manila.” ChinaDaily. 29 Dec. 2010. Accessed 16 Mar. 2017.

8 thoughts on “My Life as a Plate Spinner

  1. This is AWESOME!! I love the spinning plates – you captured exactly what you are feeling! Hang in there – you will feel an amazing sense of accomplishment on April 1! Great slice!! Thank you.


    1. It has been a difficult week, actually. But I am confident that tomorrow, nothing will go wrong, and I can get everything caught up. Or at least catch up at work, where I have missed a ton of deadlines.


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