Books, Books, Books!

Books are my favorite things. While actually reading books is my very favorite thing, looking at, exploring, running my fingers along, and dipping into books is a very close second. I have bookcases in every room in the house (bathroom excepted, because it is too damp in there) and in our finished basement, we have a long wall that is pretty much all bookcases. This is my go to stress-relieving spot. I just take a few minutes to look at all the titles, the pretty covers, touch them and handle them and feel the sense of endless possibilities, and I feel better. Of course, now that my husband has started his own business and has his office in the basement, I have to walk through his invisible walls and around his chair to get to my haven, and sometimes he is being businesslike on the phone when I need my momentary escape, but still, the books wait for me there, and they always lift my spirits. So this week, I have been really enjoying all the people writing about books and experiences with books and reading, and especially the book spine poems. Saturday afternoon seemed like a good time to peruse the shelves and play with the titles in pursuit of poems. I have just under 2000 books, so I had plenty of titles with which to play. I had a happy time, scattering books all over the house with the help of my pint-sized assistant and creating arrangements in the hope of finding something profound, or at least mildly intriguing. Here are my two best attempts. (So far. I suspect there will be more in the future.) I did have to retitle one book, as our copy of one I really, really needed has disappeared somewhere in the whirling black hole of books, stuffed cats, LEGO pieces and paper airplanes that is my son’s room. Enjoy!

Book spine poem 1
Book Spine Poem 1
Book spine poem 2
Book Spine Poem 2

10 thoughts on “Books, Books, Books!

  1. Although I have noticed the book spine poetry posts, this is the first time I commented. Your writing is so fluid – wordy by word and sentence by sentence. I especially liked this line, “…when I need my momentary escape, but still, the books wait for me there, and they always life lift my spirits.” Your passion for reading is strong, and your poetry, unique. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Your book filled home sounds glorious! We need more bookcases…I have piles of books everywhere. Great spine poetry. This is something I need to experiment with. I love seeing and hearing what spine poems others come up with.


    1. I have plenty of bookcases, and plenty of piles of books too! They really need to get reorganized again, but that is quite a massive endeavor. (I am always slowed down by rediscovering all the interesting things that I’d forgotten about on the shelves and in the piles and then browsing.)


  3. I love being surrounded by books, too! It’s not as easy now that I live abroad though. I schlep books across this vast earth, scattering them as I go, but always have some with me. These poems are great!


    1. My life path has not included a lot of traveling, but I don’t think I could do it without books. I guess I would have to learn, or stop at every bookshop that I could find that had books in English. (Oh, who am I kidding? I would do that even if I had 400 books in my suitcase.)

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  4. I, too, live in a home lined with books and enjoyed your thoughts on book love. I laughed at the thought of you skirting those invisible walls around your husband’s office to get to your treasures. Great book spine poems!

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    1. I wondered if other people would see it that way. When I am in other people’s houses, I always gravitate to their bookshelves to see what they read. My book spines do some of the same thing. (Although I did think some of the titles were from conflicting genres and might not get along too well inside their poems.)

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