More book spine adventures

I had so much fun playing with the books and making book spine poems for Saturday that I made one extra for Sunday. I love being on the West Coast where I can sneak tomorrow’s post in before bedtime and not have to worry about it later!

Book spine poem 3

24 thoughts on “More book spine adventures

  1. I love this! Although I don’t have very many books around our house (I’m more of a library borrower), my children do and it’d be funny to see what sort of poems you could get with those titles (though it would be harder since their books are smaller and don’t have thick spines like adult books). Next batch of books I borrow from the library, I’m trying this! Thanks for sharing!


    1. I can imagine! It has been pretty brutal here in the Pacific Northwest too, but at least we haven’t had a blizzard in mid-March! I played with a lot of different options for winter-y poems after I pulled that book off of the shelf. I was disappointed that I did not seem to have one called “Endless”.


  2. What a positive book spine poem! My daughter and I did this once and had a wonderful time. I’ll have to check out your post from yesterday. Happy writing!


  3. So fun that you found just the right words on the spine.
    I need to try this with students. I haven’t because I worried they would struggle and not feel successful. Silly me. ALL that is needed is words and spines have them!! Thanks for the nudge.


    1. I suppose it helps if you have a lot of book spines to look at! I have been having so much fun that I keep rearranging books and thinking of new possible poems AND new possible groups for reading my books. 😀 With students, I have done found poems with words from newspaper articles. Everyone had to pick one article, and they could only use words that were in the article. It worked really well- ever for the kid who picked a very, very short sports summary article and the one who decided to make a poem from the classified ads.


  4. I forgot how much fun that is. I think I will try this with my students this week. We are in the middle of standardized tests, and this would be a great diversion.


    1. Book spine poetry is addictively fun. I got to use a lot of creativity and ingenuity to see titles in different ways- words that could be nouns or verbs, depending on the context, for example.


    1. I will have to go and read some more slices to see who else is doing them today. They are fun to assemble (is writing the correct word for stacking up exactly the right batch of books?) and to read.

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