Why doesn’t it feel like Friday yet?

It’s Friday night, and I am pushing hard against the dual deadlines of midnight EST for my daily slice and my son getting out of the bathtub and needing me to put him to bed. Wait, backtrack. My 7 year old is not hanging out in the bathtub near midnight! I am on the West Coast and it is only 8pm here! No need to call the parent police.

But, facing these dueling duel deadlines is daunting. I have no idea what to write for a slice today, since somehow day 2 sneaked up on me. You’d think I’d remember doing this yesterday and kind of expect to do it again, but no. That did not happen. Today was a weird mess of adult code switching- up long before dawn, working, get child up, fight with child about wearing his Read Across America shirt (I’ll look ridiculous!), miraculously finally get child to a) eat, b) brush teeth, c) put on shoes, and d) go out the door and into the car to go school,  dash home again, do more work, work, work, a meeting- wait, wasn’t that my lunchtime?- get child, play on playground because it is Friday and school gets out early, fight traffic across town for a 45 minute/8 mile trip to go to the doctor’s office for 15 minutes, back home, work still more, but at my wonderful bike desk (Yes! Multitasking!), thank God I have a husband who cooks or we would all starve tonight, and then work some more. Being an online teacher comes with stricter and stranger deadlines than classroom teaching, and just because my boss says that I should not work extra hours does not mean that I can get everything done in six hours a day. Teaching is teaching after all, and it is never really finished.

I teach five hours worth of live online English classes every Monday, and I still need to finish the presentations for two of them. (The company mysteriously decides to change templates randomly so we have to keep rearranging things. Education bureaucracy is alive and well in the private sector too.) I would dearly love to wash my hands of the whole thing, put my feet up, snuggle with the kiddo and read Dr. Seuss (even if Miles won’t wear his “I will read it on a boat, I will read it with a goat. I will read it in a box, I will read it with a fox…” shirt!), and then have a piña colada with my husband and unwind. But we are out of rum. And pineapple juice. And tropical settings. And, frankly, LEGO piece free places to put up our feet. So I guess I’ll just go back to work. After reading Dr. Seuss though. Maybe a rousing rendition of Green Eggs and Ham will get this party started?

For those of you who are interested in what exactly an online high school English teacher does, I welcome you to scroll back through my blog. I wrote a post about it last March, and the job (unlike my templates) does not change that much.

Teaser for coming attractions: I just found an unfinished blog post from last spring called “Zombie Mommy and the Egg Hunt.” I don’t know where I was originally going with it, but with a title like that, it is just begging to be written!

3 thoughts on “Why doesn’t it feel like Friday yet?

  1. I found myself laughing throughout your day between the Dr. Seuss shirt and the missing pina colada ingredients I could totally relate. To be honest, it was so refreshing to here the honest overwhelm in someone’s day because I feel the same way. I also was grateful to hear how even online teaching causes the same rushed feeling in a day. I’m a public elementary school teacher, and I fantasize about a shorter online schedule from my home! I’ll have to check out your previous post about your online career!


    1. I have to say, the “commute” is much better. (Managing to sit upright in bed and answer email in my jammies until my son wakes up vs. the hour+ commute I used to have. Then, once I have gotten him off to school, I walk ALL THE WAY to my desk. 😀) In all honesty, I spend hours and hours and hours less on teaching than I did in the classroom, and there are good and bad aspects of that.


  2. I love this post! It’s this random stream of consciousness that makes me feel like I’m one of your girlfriends listening to you run through the craziness of your day. haha 🙂 Thanks for sharing! My favorite bit was the pina colada part where you’re out of everything, including tropical settings. 🙂

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