Today I…Musings on dreams vs. reality

Today I…dreamt of a quiet morning, a cup of tea, some time to read.

Today I…was woken abruptly by someone poking me in the head and announcing “I did my chores this week; can I have my screen time now?”

Today I…planned for a sunny walk to the library and some much needed pre-spring work on the garden.

Today I…made sure that my 7 year old son completed his task of “look at the floor, pick it up, put it away”- by following him around, enduring dramatic fits, and insisting that he keep working until he actually finished. For six hours.

Today I…planned for time on the exercise bike, maybe while reading a book.

Today I…ran up and down the stairs a thousand times and walked continuously around the house, cleaning and hectoring, until my feet throbbed and my legs ached. 

Today I…finally got a chance to sit down, put up my feet and pick up a book.

Today I…was turned into a car racing ramp with an adjustable end (my feet).

Today I…have a clean floor.

          Today I…have a happy child.

               Today I…have a wonderful husband cooking fresh sea bass for dinner.

                    Today I…have a warm house, a safe life, and full cupboards. 

Today I will…make that cup of tea.

          Today I will…make homemade ice cream with my son.

     Today I will…play a board game.

Today I will…appreciate.

10 thoughts on “Today I…Musings on dreams vs. reality

  1. I love how you used different colors to show the back and forth of dream vs. reality. It’s giving me ideas to play with format. I can totally relate to being transformed into a car ramp! Great slice… now I should really clean my own house, too!


    1. You understood what I was doing! Hooray! When I experiment with those kind of things in my living room, I’m never sure if anyone else will be able to figure out what the heck I am doing!


    1. It is a good writing prompt! I borrowed/stole it myself, and I got a lot of interesting ideas with it. Slicing on Saturday is fun, because I have a bit more time to play around and see what I can do with different types of prompts and ideas.


  2. Love this. The verb hectoring!!! Made me laugh and totally relate. So much of my days, especially on the weekend, are spent in the same way. Thanks so much for sharing such a great format … I’ve been looking for inspiration!


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