The Amazing Bubble-Man

Today, we had our first day of full-fledged spring weather. The sky was blue, the temperature was 65 degrees, and it was sunny all day, which is reasonably rare in Portland at this time of year. My son stopped in shock every time he saw the color splash of crocuses, overwhelmed with surprise (as he is every year) that they grow anyplace other than our yard. (Note to child: They grow EVERYWHERE. Every year.) We had tickets this morning for us and our son’s best friend to go see The Amazing Bubble-Man, and it was. Amazing, that is. Giant bubbles. Bubbles that enclosed an entire kid. Bubbles that enclosed TWO entire kids. Bubbles that shot like rockets. Bubbles filled with helium. Bubbles filled with stage smoke, that created the illusion of them popping in slow motion. Bubbles that shot smoke like volcanoes and bubbles that spun out inverted tornadoes. 6 foot tall bubble caterpillars and children with bubble helmets, bubble crowns, and bubble antennae. It was magnificent. Of course, there were also bubble souvenirs. 😉 We came home, and the boys practiced with their new bubble supplies, and in between scooter rides around the block, made plans for a bubble show of their own. I broke out the slotted spoons and straws, and we used them for making bubbles too. (I learned from the show that anything with a hole can be used to make bubbles “because of science.”) My son spilled grape-scented bubble solution down the front steps, so the entry to our house smells purple. The kitten got away and hid from the scary bubbles. It was magnificent. And yes, there was daylight savings time, and two hyper boys who were too excited to eat, and the work that I really should have finished on Friday, but who cares? I dare you to have a bad day when it begins – and continues- filled with bubbles.

3 thoughts on “The Amazing Bubble-Man

  1. That really is amazing! I want a day filled with bubbles. 🙂 I love “so the entry to our house smells purple.” What a great (and accurate) way to describe it.


  2. That sounds spectacular! I want to see the Bubble-Man! My mind instantly went back to December when I was walking through the streets of New Orleans and came across a street performer making huge bubbles that floated down the street, causing all of the adults to laugh and watch with huge glee-filled smiles plastered on their/our faces.

    Oh, and “the house smelled purple”- GOLD! 🙂

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