Another 6 word memoir

Today, I have been fighting a fever and traffic jams, got lost in the rain between my son’s school and the doctor’s office (not that hard, really, since I can- and have been- also get lost in a straight hallway and an elevator), finally arrived for an endless doctor’s appointment, home for an all too brief and feverish rest, back to the school again for the big Learning Celebration (probably more on that tomorrow), out to dinner, home again, then enduring a hailstorm that frightened the young cat and a thunderstorm that terrified my son. At last, I have 10 minutes to write, which is also how long I have left until midnight Eastern time. Time for a six word memoir (after a paragraph of introduction)!

End of trimester; spring break time!


4 thoughts on “Another 6 word memoir

    1. Technically, my son has spring break, and my online students have spring break, but I still have to work. It is a weird mix, but teaching online has given me some flexibility with a small child that I would not otherwise have had. šŸ˜€


  1. I feel your pain. Yesterday was my 6 word memoir day. I love your introductory paragraph and, especially, this phrase, “I can- and have been- also get lost in a straight hallway and an elevator.” It made me smile; I can so relate. I love the 6-word memoir…and the “Woohoo!” I hope you are feeling better soon. šŸ™‚

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