Winter Wind

Winter wind –
breath of the tundra
funneled to a shriek
through the cataclysmic
Ice Age gash
in the landscape
and delivered to my door.
Clouds battered from the sky,
tearing forth a blue so vivid
you can taste it,
mingled with blood
as lips chap and split.
my eyes water and
my eardrums ache.
Trees thrash and
fight for balance
in the relentless clutch
of the invisible foe.
the wind howls and roars for entrance,
punching the windows
that bow and flex,
rattling the locks and
testing the doors, 
attempting to break and enter –

Burgling my peace.

6 thoughts on “Winter Wind

    1. Yay! That’s what I was going for! It is not necessarily winter that I want to stop, but I am definitely over the wind. It’s been blowing like that for a week continuously and I hate wind!

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