Academic challenge weekend

I work with highly gifted 6th-8th grade students in a program that has been created especially to meet their needs. It’s a terrific program, with very interesting kids who are a joy – and a substantial challenge – to teach. They all have a variety of interests and activities. While some of these are non-academic (LEGO, Fortnite, challenging each other to dance offs for all the Fortnite dances, competitive level tennis or gymnastics, ballet, drama, band, etc.), these are students who also tend to naturally gravitate to academic competitions too. In addition to surprisingly cutthroat finals for my Oregon Battle of the Books teams, who are fighting for the school title and a coveted spot in the regional competition, and my 6th grader who just made it through the regional geography bee and is preparing for the state level bee, which is the qualifier for the national National Geographic Geography Bee, this weekend is a huge one for our many academically competitive kids. We have a team of students competing in the state level of the Math Counts competition, after placing regionally in team and individual events. Then we have about half of the 40 kids competing at the regional judged science fair (the level that qualifies you for those astonishing industry led state and national science fairs with the types of kids who are doing doctoral level work and earning patents before they are 18). Also, one of our 6th grade girls is competing in our state level spelling bee – the qualifier for the Scripps National Spelling Bee that they air on TV. And all of that is just on Saturday! Our team’s math teacher will be with her Math Counts teams, our science teacher, who organized the judged science fair, will be with all our budding scientists, and I will be cheering on our speller. We’re spread a little thin, but so, so, so proud of our students!

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