Today I…
answered "Mom! My blanket fell down!"
"Mom! I can't reach my water!"
"Mom! Can I have a snack!"
"Mom! Can you tell I feel a lot better?"

Today I…
did three loads of laundry
congratulated myself for having soup in the freezer
convinced my also-sick husband to drink some water
cleaned up after the also-sick cats…several times

Today I…
answered questions from my substitute
spent hours cutting and stapling pages for analysis booklets
fretted about the fact that I just used the last of my sick time
missed the science fair that my students worked toward all year

Tomorrow I…
will go to work, no matter how I feel
will hope the students have a good start on their project
will answer more than 100 accumulated emails
will try to hang on until Spring Break starts on Friday

5 thoughts on “Today/Tomorrow

  1. I remember commenting several days ago about the illness in your household – you poor thing! This slice takes us into the moments of your today and your hope for tomorrow! You got this!


    1. Yes, it has been a rough 5 days. My son made it back to school today, and although I did not make it to work myself, I am feeling much better and will definitely go tomorrow.


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