An attentive observer

Today, on the way to bus duty after school, one of my students popped up in front of me and exclaimed, in apparent shock, “Mrs. Karp! You’re wearing pants!!!”

Bemused, I said “Yes, I was wearing them all during class too. What did you think I was wearing?”

He replied, “That’s a bold sartorial choice for you; moving in a new direction!”

I told him, “Just because I like skirts does not mean I can’t wear pants sometimes.” He smiled and bopped off to his bus and spring break.

Children are weird.

4 thoughts on “An attentive observer

  1. Hahaha, this is so funny! I love the dialogue, and the verbs you use like “popped up” and “bopped off” help me picture this wierd student oh so well. Have a great spring break!


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