Boy vs. Mom

Spring Break to my son…

Sleeping late
iPad time
Drawing for hours
C'mon, Mom, let's go outside!
I'm the king of cutting things down off this bush!
Can we go to the park to drive my RC car?
Let's have a picnic lunch.
Mom, make me some bubbles.

Are you STILL cooking?
Can I invite a friend over?
Stop reading and do something active now.
Come and blow bubbles with me.

Spring Break to me…

Quiet time in the morning
Longer stretches of reading time
Cats on my lap
No rushed nagging to get out the door
Gardening in the sun
Popsicles on the porch
Picnic lunches
Conversations that start, "Pretend you are carrying a panda 160 miles..."
Baking in the afternoon
Leafing through my knitting magazines
Time to unwind

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