Nothing to slice

Well, it finally happened. On the next to last day of March in my third year of slicing, I finally hit that brick wall and have nothing to say. Nada. Zilch. No-thing. My brain is empty.

I tried writing a 6 word story, and only got “Oh vacation, you cannot be ending.” Blah.

I thought about writing a 100 word story about the adventures of my cats (or better yet, the adventures of my son and his imaginary cats), then checked the time and my energy levels and realized that I did not have enough of either to get that done tonight.

I thought about writing a “they would see, but they would not know” post and discovered that all anyone suddenly arriving at my house would see is a tremendous mess and then they would decide that I am a lousy housekeeper. This just made me feel bad and guilty, and who wants to write about that?

I attempted a 3 things I cannot live without post and it said “Books. Tea. And even more books.” Not very informative. Hey, maybe that can be my 6 word story?

I pondered writing a summation of writing for this month of the challenge, but then what on earth would I write tomorrow?

I even attempted a 31 things to know about me slice, because hey, if I don’t introduce myself to everyone today, when am I going to let people get to know me? But I am not in a very self-reflective place at the moment, so that did not go well. I could not even decide what to make for dinner tonight, and that was only one decision, so how could I possibly decide which 31 things about me were important? Or even if there are 31 one things about me?

So, nope, no ideas for writing today. Move along, people. Nothing to see here.

10 thoughts on “Nothing to slice

  1. I feel like I learned a lot about you in this post. I hate when I can’t think of a good story for a slice. I am grateful for this challenge, but I am always a little relieved when it is over. Just one more day! I hope you find a good story for tomorrow.

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    1. I do have some good ideas for tomorrow, but finding the time and the mental space is trickier – leaving Monday to chaperone Outdoor School and then grades are due Friday. Eek! Stress is taking up too much real estate in my brain.


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