It’s March!

Welcome back to the Slice of Life Story Challenge! Despite this being my fourth year and my firm commitment to join again, I nearly missed it. Thank goodness for my electronic To Do list – half a dozen times today, I checked it and exclaimed, “Wait – it’s March?!!! I have to write my slice!” I mean, we all got an extra day of February, so it’s not like I did not have time to prepare. But no, I am still mulling over whether or not I will join the Welcome Wagon this year (guess not!) and planning to write some posts in advance, or at least brainstorm and plan some ideas, like the really cool slicers do. Alas, no. Here we are, thirty-four minutes from the cutoff time, and I am ignoring the fact that I am supposed to be chivvying my nine year old through the nighttime ritual of bedtime avoidance and writing frantically instead. May this not be a sign of my upcoming month!

In my defense, February was a bit of a disaster. Just in the past two weeks, I missed time from school to rush an elderly cat who was peeing straight blood to the vet, and after several visits and more than a thousand bucks fluttering away from my bank account, we found that she had been passing kidney stones (after a months-long treatment with antibiotics for kidney infection), had multiple additional stones in her kidneys, and chronic pancreatitis. On top of the fact that she already had some kidney disease and a hyperactive thyroid, she is a frail old kitty, and we are constantly monitoring her and putting her on and off of pain medication to keep her as comfortable as possible.

In response to this upsetting news, my immune system conked out and I got a horrible cold, and missed more time from work. My 9 year old got an medieval torture device disguised as modern orthodontia, and I get the pleasure of adjusting this twice a day for a squirming and not always cooperative child. I recovered from my cold and returned to work, only to have everything thrown into disarray a few days later, when my husband tore his retina and had to have immediate surgery, which left me fleeing my classroom and picking up all the slack at home while also tending to him. In case you’ve never had to deal with it, recovery from retinal repair surgery requires virtual immobility, and is not fun for anyone involved, however tangentially. To make things more exciting, our young cat got tired of sitting sympathetically by the side of the sick one, and decided heading outside and hunting was more fun. How do I know that this is what she was doing? I entered the kitchen and found a flurry of feathers, and then a trail of them, through the kitchen, down the stairs, and into the laundry room, where they just…stopped. No leftover feet or beaks or anything have been discovered. Yet.

That is all behind us now, though, and I have turned a literal and figurative calendar page for a new month and here I am at the start of another SOLSC. My March wish is for a peaceful month, but if not, at least I know I will have a lot of material. Happy slicing, everyone!

12 thoughts on “It’s March!

  1. I was hoping to get ahead in February and write some posts ahead of time, but that didn’t happen either. Your Feb sounded rough. I hope you find sweet relief in March! Good luck fellow slicer.


  2. As a fellow late night slicer and ditcher of bedtime routine in the month of March, I like this slice very much. It’s up and down and real and fitting for the flood of emotions that come with this challenge. I wish you the best of luck and may February become a very very very distant memory!


  3. You got in under the wire…I’m just past the deadline for commenting. I am SO sorry about your cat…we have 2 that we love beyond measure. My heart goes out to you.
    Thank you for sharing.


  4. I hope your kitty is feeling better! And I hear you on the vet bills. Last year, we had five cats come down with UTIs at the same time–vet thought this unlikely event was caused by mineral build up in our water, so in addition to the exorbitant vet bills, we also had to get Culligan water installed FOR OUR CATS. I’m an early morning slicer (it’s 4 am!) and I’m commenting on the late night crew hoping to find something to spark an idea. Yes, I could have spent some of that time in Feb prepping, collecting ideas, even prewriting one or two? But no. I gotta fly by the seat of my pants when it comes to slicing.


    1. Oh, no! I cannot even imagine five cats with simultaneous UTIs. What a worry and what a mess. I am sure they appreciate the expensive water supply though. Ours is having up and down moments. We suspect that she has more kidney stones moving, so we give her as much pain medicine as she can tolerate without further damaging her kidneys and are waiting it out. It a stone passes, fine, but if it gets stuck, the vet thinks she is likely too frail to survive surgery. We are on tenterhooks all the time.


  5. Wow! February was quite the month for you. I hope your cat is feeling better. We’re dealing with health problems with our dog. It’s not easy watching our beloved pets age. I hope the month of March is a much calmer one for you.

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  6. So glad you’re back! Wouldn’t be the same without you. You’ve had a horrible month…hope that this one is tons better! I know it was a slice about the awfulness you endured, but I have to say, I just love your writing style!!

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    1. Thank you! It was definitely a rushed slice, so I am glad that it had any style at all. I am hoping to find lots of interesting inspiration for writing this March, and hopefully no more disasters. We could all use a month off from bad stuff.

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