No ideas, so I asked my son for help

I was struggling for a topic today. My brain is a bit unfettered, since our schedules have all been upended and the ground keeps lurching under our feet. I knew I did not want to write about the coronavirus, because I am focused much too heavily on that already. So, I asked my son. He thought for about thirty seconds and decided that I should write about fuzzy socks.

I’m always up for a challenge!

Things I like about fuzzy socks

Warm feet
Extra fleecy on wiggly toes
Pink fluffy ones
Ones with cats on them.
Cats pouncing pompommed ankles 
Warm hospital socks post-surgery
Pulling on a cozy pair of soft, fuzzy, warm socks at the end of a long day
    putting up my sore feet,
    settling back with a cup of tea and a book…

The most relaxing 90 seconds of my day.

I wonder what my son thinks about his fuzzy socks?

8 thoughts on “No ideas, so I asked my son for help

  1. Oh, gosh! I love this! I needed this fuzzy little bunch of words! Thanks to you and your son. I’m trying so hard not to write about coronavirus, but it’s heavy, and I guess I need to, but I really want to write about socks tomorrow. I love the question at the end!

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    1. I was not sure I could commit to his idea, either, but when he said fuzzy socks, I thought, “Yeah, I could do something with that.” If he had said “army guys and Lego men battling monster trucks with nerf guns,” which is kind of what I expected, I might have been stymied.


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