10 reasons why I like technology this weekend

While being more or less stuck inside my house for the last eight days and the foreseeable future, I have been thinking a lot about technology and how much I like it at the moment. Here are my top 10 reasons for my appreciation of technology.

  1. Video chatting. My son spent about 5 hours having a play date with his best friend today. Via FaceTime. They chattered happily to each other, ate lunch together, watched an episode of Shaun the Sheep together, and planned and executed projects together. At times, they were both sitting quietly on their respective ends of the conversation, designing buildings for their future company that they have been planning for the last year or so. When I wandered by and asked what they were doing, since it was so quiet, they both looked up at me in surprise, one in person and one on my phone, and said, “Just being together.” That was worth sacrificing my phone and iPad for half the day.
  2. Buying local. I want to support my local businesses, which are struggling under the strain of social distancing and stay home recommendations. So many people have worked hard to get previously real world only operations of small, local, independent stores online, and it makes life easier in many ways. This week, I was able to buy yarn from my local store to complete a project, order all my meat at the butcher and deli items from our favorite lunch spot (which has been in operation for almost 90 years), and check online to see which store had rice before sending my husband (and his stronger immune system) out to pick up the ordered items and buy groceries at our locally owned market. Not to mention ordering books from Powell’s, the country’s largest bookstore, which is on the verge of collapsing under the economic fallout of business closures.
  3. Debit cards. I can prepay for a variety of items on line and pick them up, minimizing time that anyone needs to spend mixing with others, and risking exposure to any sort of winter disease. Furthermore, when I or my husband have to go into a shop, most places allow you to pay with a debit card that does not have to be handed to a store employee, again cutting down on potential sources of infection.
  4. Streaming services. I am grateful for my DVR, and my accounts with streaming services, and the ability to watch new and old movies for (mostly) free, and even pay to watch brand new movies that are now released online, since going to the movies is a bad – or forbidden, depending on your location – idea.
  5. The internet. I have been able to check on questions of home delivery and store hours for seniors for my over-70 parents in another state, and help them make choices about when and where they can best do their essential shopping. (In other words, my sister and I are digitally nagging them, but helping them find the answers too!) Furthermore, I receive lots of emails updating me about the various measures local essential businesses are using to keep the workers and customers safe. I get to be involved in this lovely slicer community, do art with children’s book artists, read out of town newspapers, get craft instructions and find recipes.
  6. Tele-commuting. My husband has sent his employee home with his work computer so he can work from home. He is working on closing down his office and bringing his own equipment home so he can work from here. Not easy in a small house, but important for everyone’s safety. Nearly everyone I know is now working from home, and that means I don’t have to worry about them, and it reduces the likelihood of contagion for all.
  7. Email. I can keep in touch with my family and friends, I can communicate with my students, I can receive tons of support and resources for teachers, and I can share those with parent friends who are overwhelmed at trying to teach multiple children of different ages and grades with no resources, no teaching experience, and no time, as they are also trying to work from home themselves. The outpouring of support from education and technology companies, organizations, artists, authors, individuals, and fellow teachers has been pretty amazing.
  8. Libraries. Although the buildings themselves are closed for the health safety of the staff and patrons, the online catalogs are full and useful. My son is checking out books to read on my iPad, and I have three library books checked out on audio. (Now if only I could listen for more than 1 minute without interruption…)
  9. Google Doodle. Yesterday’s Doodle in honor of the doctor who pioneered medical sanitation (i.e. hand washing) taught my son more about hand washing that I have ever managed.
  10. When all looks bleak, I can post cat pictures of my kitty helping me get my indoor exercise.
Stop pedaling so I can climb into your lap.

8 thoughts on “10 reasons why I like technology this weekend

  1. Technology is such a help in times like these! This melted my heart…”they both looked up at me in surprise, one in person and one on my phone, and said, “Just being together.”” 🙂


  2. Loved this list! But what I adored the most was hearing about your son’s virtual play date that lasted five hours. I’m trying to get my daughter to do that, but she hasn’t had the desire to yet. Give her another week and she’ll be begging for this!


    1. It was great, and a little surreal. Parents wandered through on either side and said hello to the other kid, and his friend’s much older sister drifted through a few times too. These two have been friends since they were three, and spend a ton of time together, despite being in different elementary schools. That might have made it more natural for them to just hang out together, even though they were not in the same house.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I know! My sister and I were talking about what it must have been like to be quarantined in the 1800s. She’s got three kids, including a moody teenager, and I think I heard her face blanch over the phone!


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