Another day in…nope, not Margaritaville

We had hoped to spend spring break visiting my dad. Last summer, we were not able to travel, and this year, my stepmother is planning for them to sell their house at the beginning of summer. Dad lives in the house where he grew up, in the house where my grandparents always lived, three blocks from the house where I grew up. We talked about visiting in the spring, since I haven’t seen my folks in more than a year, but then we never quite got anything planned before the world started to go haywire. Then, my in laws were planning to visit during spring break. My husband had to beg his father not to travel before California imposed their statewide stay home order. His dad is sequestered in a tiny town in rural Northern California, generally is as tough and healthy as an angry mule, and furthermore, does not believe that any disease could possibly touch him. But he is also over 70, has COPD due to workplace exposure to toxins many years ago, and my husband’s stepmother has a variety of odd medical conditions. Fortunately, California shut down and the argument was moot and my father-in-law was saved from himself.

So, no spring break trips were planned, and no grandparent visits are allowed either. But we still had plans other than sitting around the house all of the time. We were going to see the Elephant and Piggie musical. We were going to the coast to do whale watching and check out the tide pools. We were going to the art museum and the zoo. We were going to have parkour classes and visits with friends and and lots of fun. Instead, we are inside and I am trying not to stalk around furtively and glaring out the window on germ patrol.

It’s not all bad though.

Today, my husband was working from home, so his stress levels were down.

Today, my son slept in and woke up happy.

Today, we started our Mom School day with a virtual field trip to the zoo! (Sea otters!)

Today, I helped my son finish a sock doll he had been crafting for a project at school, and he only lost the needle down the side of the chair once.

Today, Miles practiced his multiplication and long division without any griping at all.

Today, I listened to an audiobook for half an hour with a cat sleeping on my lap.

Today, we had an early family dinner and Erich and Miles got to take an after dinner bike ride, which is one of my son’s major treats. Dad lets him ride on the road!

The house is trashed, the laundry is not finished, and I am not doing anything for me during the days, but I am keeping my son occupied and maintaining his basic skills, and I have a handle on how his school is rolling out online learning. I don’t really know how I will help him through that process in April while also rolling out online education for my own students, but I’ll just have to cross that bridge when I come to it.

For now, we are okay, we are healthy, we are safe and warm and dry and fed. And maybe after bath and bedtime, I can have a piña colada.

10 thoughts on “Another day in…nope, not Margaritaville

  1. Such familiar loops and turns in your post tonight, looking at the good with the less good, remembering the essential at the end. I’m glad you’re all okay, healthy, safe, warm, dry, and fed. And I hope you got your pina colada!

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  2. Dashed plans and hopes for spring break are a theme for everyone, but it doesn’t make it any easier. I am glad you got to some things for you today and that you are getting to spend a lot of time with Miles. I imagine once you are teaching online and Miles is learning online at the same time, things will get hairy, but I like the attitude that you will cross that bridge when you get to it. That’s all you can do. The good thing, is you’ve done this before, so you have a ton of experience to draw from! 🙂


    1. Yes, indeed. I actually have no particular worries about teaching online, but I know from experience that doing it with Miles home is very, very difficult. I am less sanguine about Miles working online. I tried to teach him how to write an email today. Oh my goodness! He’ll need a LOT of support.

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  3. Definitely not the spring break any of us imagined, but you are making the best of it and there are lovely moments throughout the day, aren’t there? It sounds like in some ways, everyone’s stress levels are down even though so many things are so stressful.

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  4. Your dad sounds like my mom. lol. Stubborn old folks that can’t be touched. I think I’ll probably be that way too. 🙂 There are always gems within the stressful times. You’ve found them. I love your post. Thank you for writing.

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