Like many people, I have spent more time than I should have on social media in the last few days. It is somehow soothing to see that everyone else I know is also going a little bit bonkers and is not quite sure how to balance the diametrically opposed goals of keeping themselves and their kids occupied and having fun. (Moms and dads, is it just me, or does it seem like these are two different quarantines? The one where I am doing anything and everything to keep the kids sane, and the one full of things I would do if I got to be quarantined by myself, and never the twain shall meet.)

I am also, however, enjoying the look back at all my photos and memories on my phone and computer and in my Facebook account, so I decided that today I would give a little review of my regular, non-quarantined, life. During a stressful spring one year, a friend announced to our English department that when all looked bad, one needed a box of kittens. The next day, I, the intrepid department head, put a small pink box filled with cutout kitten pictures in our department office. For the rest of the year, we looked at kittens at lunch every day, and, you know what? It helped. So in the spirit of both remembrance and stress relief, I give you…


8 thoughts on “PRESENTING…CATS!

  1. YESSSSSSS! You know I am ALL OVER this post. First, they are so beautiful and photogenic. And those kitten pictures. Awwwww. And your son’s face lights up with cats. Wow. This is just fantastic. EXACTLY what I needed after marinating in Twitter news for an hour when I woke up (what was I thinking?!). And I am in total agreement, naturally, that a box of kittens is a cure-all.

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    1. I figured you would enjoy the pictures! I threw in a few non-real cats for him, including the pictures of his vast cat stuffie collection on his bed and the adventures of one of his cats that he sent with me when I went on a quick birthday trip with my mom. Also, there’s one with him and the small stuffie he took on a rafting day trip with us on vacation last year. (I spared the internet the picture of my paddling with his stuffie peeking out of my life jacket, though!)


  2. It is a lot trickier to slice every single day without any outside stimulus, isn’t it? But I have been doing this for several years, and don’t want to give up so close to the end of March.


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