Reflections on gardening

Today’s prompt from NaPoWriMo was based on a chapbook of poems by James Schuyler. While I worked in my garden, I reflected on observation and detail in poetry, and a few phrases started to circulate in my head, eventually leading to this poem. I doubt my result is Schuyleresque, but he was my starting point.



Goat skin gauntlets
protect winter blasted skin,
like swaddled bulbs and plants
protected from weather's wrath
by the mulch I gently brush away.



Hands in motion permit
my mind to roam free – 
away from the flat gray sky
the imminent rain
the daily pressures of sequestered worrying –



I trim the dead;
embrace the new.
Pause in the winter emptied garden,
Contemplate the quiet waiting,
Sip my tea and think.

Violet scented steam 
rises from my cup.
Perfumed with spring
that's yet to come.
I, too, shall wait, and endure.

One thought on “Reflections on gardening

  1. I really enjoyed your poem today! The way you play with the words created a picture in my mind. I loved the format, too. I’ve never read your mentor poem, but I like how you have structured it.

    Fave line- “the daily pressures of sequestered worrying” So true!!


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