Writer’s Block

Zoom to words
Juggle rhymes
Catapult them, haphazard, into form.

       Not poetry.

Line up colored pens.


r    e    a    r    r    a    n    g    e

New colors do not
Pour forth new ideas.

Brain buzzes
Empty and enervated

too much work
too much technology
too much thinking…

…too little feeling

It's time to face it.


      I have
      no poetry
      in me.


Today’s prompt was about finding ten random words and exploring rhyme, then using as many of them as possible in today’s poem. I pulled ten excellent words from the novel that I am reading, and I found some interesting and some challenging rhymes. However, they did not want to be a poem. Not even a little bit. Instead, what wanted to be written was a poem about the process, in which, instead of rhyme, I explored alliteration, pattern, and structure.

I am participating in National Poetry Writing Month, writing one poem for each day in April.

4 thoughts on “Writer’s Block

  1. This poem perfectly captures the experience of writer’s block. And that insight about the difficulty of writing poetry when there is too little feeling. I loved reading about your process here–it’s so fascinating to me how sometimes we think we’ve got the path to the poem and it turns out that poem just does not want to be written.

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