Haiku times two

I decided to write a haiku today. Not really because they are short, although that always helps. Instead, as I stood on my deck in the rain with my son, watching the birds hop on the budding apple trees, unaware of our presence, I felt that this was a moment that deserved a haiku. Traditionally, haiku have nature imagery, and maybe something enlightening to say. I don’t feel particularly enlightened ever, but I did feel that I had some imagery to share. Since my haiku are usually wildly untraditional and often sarcastic or ridiculous, I thought the moment I was experiencing deserved an attempt at a proper haiku.

In rain, hummingbird
Buzzes rosemary flowers.
Silent cat watches.

And, as a bonus, because I cannot help myself, I wrote a second one about another transformative experience today.

Amazon has it!
Toilet paper! Buy it! Oh-
No delivery.

6 thoughts on “Haiku times two

  1. I always love your haiku! I’m partial to the sarcastic ones, but the traditional one was nice, too. I felt like I was there with you…the rain, the nature, the birds.

    Are you out of TP? I hope not!


    1. No, we’re good for about a week but hadn’t seen any on store trips lately, so I was getting a bit anxious. I stubbornly kept refreshing Amazon Fresh (grocery delivery) for about three hours until two windows for delivery popped up. One was taken as I was trying to grab it, but I got the other one. Future crisis averted, by a brave soul who picked up and delivered tp to my doorstep at 6am on a Sunday.

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    1. In my area, we have Amazon Fresh, which I had never heard of before. They hand deliver stuff from the store to you. How they got tp when the stores had none, I don’t know. But they only release a few delivery windows at a time, so there were no delivery options. I stuck with it and obsessively refreshed my window until they released a new delivery time and snagged it. Very stressful, but it worked!


    2. PS Regular Amazon has business/industrial toilet paper that they can ship through the usual channels. Not very nice quality, but when you are running out and the stores don’t have it…


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