Tonight, I sit in the emergency cat hospital’s parking lot. Our 17 1/2 year old cat is in serious pain and decline. We have been here for hours and have no update yet. In the midst of a pandemic, we cannot even hold her while she is examined and treated. Hoping for the best as today’s slicing deadline approaches.

10 thoughts on “Mortality

    1. She’s doing much better today, and she does like books. She’s always been the cat who seeks out the items with sharp corners to rest on. Fortunately for her, there is pretty much always a book stack around to be nudged into appropriate spots.

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    1. It has definitely been tough when she has needed care over the last year (she was having bouts with kidney stones as we entered our pandemic alternate reality last spring), and very stressful. But she made it through the night and is feeling more comfortable now, and gets to be home with her people. She may not have much longer, but she gets to spend it with us, and not alone in the hospital.


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