Further Adventures of Krazy Kat

I introduced our Savannah kitten earlier this month, and she has continued to keep up occupied with hilarious antics. After a couple of days that felt like the worst in my 20+ years of teaching, I was stressed to the point of physical illness and needed to take today off. While Ariella curled up on my feet and purred at me gently when I went back to bed after dropping my son off at school, Aliza opted to be more actively encouraging.

At one point, I could not find her anywhere, so went looking for her. It seemed likely that she was sleeping on top of the furnace again, since she was not in any of her usual spots upstairs. I did not find her on the furnace after all, but followed the sounds of her rusty meow replies to my calls. It turned out that she was inside the wall, draped across a big round duct, cozy and warm. She popped out and let me cuddle her toasty little body for a few minutes before taking off on her own again.

Later, Aliza joined Ariella by my feet, just long enough to give Ariella’s right rear foot a drive-by bath, before darting off and leaving a confused, but presumably cleaner, cat behind.

Having done her due diligence by circling through all the windows to menace any passing birds and squirrels, she decided that climbing onto the built in spice rack, where we store spices and tea mugs, would be a good plan. Never having attempted this before, she was shocked to discover that both spice bottles and tea cups move and rattle when you jump on them, so, with a St. Nicholas on the rooftop amount of clatter, she took off at high speed, failing spectacularly at nonchalance. A moment later, a load of crashing and banging echoed from the basement, as she once again bounded into the wall in order to settle down with the ducts.

She’s asleep down there now, draped precariously over a duct like an unusually adventurous tube sock, her mission to distract me from my work woes thoroughly accomplished.

Have a nice nap in the wall, Aliza.

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