Today I…

Got my son up, fed, and dressed.
Reminded him that it was "Trenchcoat and Fedora Friday" – his own invention.
Found him a snack for his short school day.

Started the run to school.
Traveled through town to avoid a freeway accident.
Pulled over and worried as my post-op husband battled nausea.

Arrived at my son's school on time.
Let my husband recover,
Then took him to the doctor.

Listened to the prognosis (good) 
and added my two cents.
"He's complaining about pain, Doctor. He never complains about pain."

Put gas in my car at the cheap station.
Still just under $5, but not for long.
Arrived home and collapsed for a bit.

Checked email, did laundry, knit a few rows,
Stabbed myself when the kitten stole my yarn, 
Running off with it and my knitting.

Early lunch and then back to school.
Fridays are early dismissal.
Negotiated a brief run to the game store.

Caved in and bought pókeman cards,
Son cavorted with friends, hanging out like big kids.
I bought some board games- rain and spring break are both in the forecast.

Got home and made one lunch for the kiddo,
And a few bites for the woozy hubby.
Set up one of the new games, but no time to play.

Fight traffic back across town.
Time for the after school ceramics class,
Usually just a few minutes from Dad's office.

Different plans today. 

Home again.
For an hour.
Rested? No, more laundry.

Across town once more.
Wondering why there is less traffic
At 5:15 than there was at 3:30.

Hyper child, excited about clay.
Radio plays "Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen.
Son says, "I feel like that guy!"

Home at last.
Seventy miles on the odometer.
Thank God for leftovers.

9 thoughts on “Today I…

    1. Does putting my feet up while I slice and comment count? They are about to hit the floor again to get the kiddo to stop reading and go to sleep, and then I am going to fall over. 😀


    1. He is doing much better now, and has been released from some of the restrictions that he had still been under from the first surgery, so that is good. I forget sometimes how much easier it is to parent and run a household with two functioning adults. I am not very good at doing all of it on my own!


    1. How do I do it? Just keep moving until it is all done, I guess. 😂 I was totally ready to cry when I got home after the last drive though. Luckily, my husband is recovering well and able to help a bit more now.

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