10 thoughts on “6 Word Memoir

    1. Much better than if I had forgotten because I had been grading papers all day or been doing 18 million loads of laundry or something. We all were having fun with a new game.


    1. I got a game called Four Gardens when I was dragged off to the game store on Friday. I think it is actually from Korea. We had to build lots of beautiful landscapes for the pagoda garden in order to please the gods and goddesses with our work. It was fun. We also got a new one called Fort which is supposed to be hilarious and fun, but we have not played that one yet. But with spring break and our usually March and April line up of stormy weekends, I figured having some new ones would be fun.

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      1. I haven’t heard of either of those. I’ll have to ask my colleague, who’s the biggest board game fanatic ever if he has. My faves are Settlers of Catan, Azul, and Ticket to Ride.

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    1. We don’t play often enough in our house either, but we have fun when we do. I have always loved game nights and playing games, so it is something fun for me to pass on as a parent. Sometimes my son wants to only play strangely complex games that he has made up on the spot, and that is a lot less fun for everybody who is not him.


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