One Spring Day

It was spring today, briefly. Although it drizzled through the fog in the morning, by lunchtime, the clouds and fog were gone and the sun was shining in a dazzling blue sky. It reached 66 degrees, a temperature not seen for many, many months. I threw open all the windows, and the cats got so excited that they forgot to follow me everywhere like my own small parade. I relaxed and finished a novel. The cats hung out in the catio, soaking up the unfamiliar rays. The daffodils are blooming and the tulips and trees are budding. We ate dinner outside, Miles played on the trampoline, and I was demoted from throwing water balloons. It was perfect. And brief. The weather report from the local news just popped up on my phone, and it says “Hope you enjoyed the afternoon. Wednesday will be a lot different.” Spring in Oregon is not so much a season as an ephemeral moment. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Aliza soaking in the rays in her outdoor cat palace.
“So much sun. I must corkscrew a few more times around.”


3 thoughts on “One Spring Day

  1. I also sliced about spring. And I adore the cat and catio!
    You really captured that moment of flinging windows open (even when it really is still a bit too cold) and then hearing a change in weather is again coming.


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