Lasts and Firsts

Today was the last day of my spring break, and the first day of my son’s spring break. Yeah, that didn’t work out well this year. I did, however, get three days all to myself, which has been a godsend. Time to just sit and think and do and be without having to keep listening, looking, monitoring, observing, answering, asking, feeding, nagging… It’s been a long, long time since I had a stretch of days where the majority of my time was mine alone.

I was supposed to have four days, but on one of them, I had a child who woke in the night and decided that the best way to deal with insomnia was to read for several hours. As it was the middle of the night, no one else suggested otherwise. You can image the general state of him in the morning. After a while, I gave up and sent him back to bed. (But I am evil, so I also got a lot of his work from his teacher and made him do homework in the afternoon.)

Today, I was not sure what we would do. Although he will get to do two special camp weeks at his school, they are four day weeks and shorter than normal days, so he will also spend a lot of time hanging out in Dad’s office. I feel guilty. I really do, despite how much I enjoyed having time to myself. He does not get a long stretch of time to just hang out and be. Of course, he’s 11 and has way more energy than I do, so hanging out lasts for about 20 minutes. So today, I resolved to spend a lot of time with him.


built trains

played with LEGO

watched cartoons

watched YouTube (God help me!)

worked in the garden

ate lunch

(but not with our tentatively planned road trip to the nearest In n Out Burger, 50 miles away)

played a made up game in the yard

played with the cats

did not buy new fish

did not buy stuffies

did not buy seeds and garden dirt

did not buy toys



gave Mom a little bit of quiet time.


6 thoughts on “Lasts and Firsts

    • I feel like motherhood set my bar for exciting days a lot lower than it used to be, but, yes, the days when I am all alone are magnificent! I don’t know how you ever manage to get any free time with three kids.

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