Today, I

Today, I wanted to read novels all day. It is the last day of Spring Break, and the second one where I have felt kind of normal, so I wanted to read. I did not. Instead…

Today I heard more than I ever wanted to hear about electric TNT in Minecraft and had to inspect so. many. craters.

Today I talked over the parenting/hybrid teaching conundrum with my sister, a 3rd grade teacher/mom.

Today I helped my mom with a knitting question and traded lots of information about all the brightly colored yarn we want to buy.

Today I hand fed the elderly cat in the linen closet where she likes to hide and sleep, and gently pet her greatly diminished frame.

Today I cooked waffles, just about the only breakfast food my 10 year old will currently eat. They were snubbed.

Today I dragged the complaining 10 year old outside, into the fresh air, to make a quick trip to the bookstore to pick up the new surprise book that I had ordered for him. I was not thanked.

Today I put up with a lot of tweenish crap and had some discussions about attitude and gratitude.

Today I dashed off in the middle of lunch because I had to get to a haircut appointment.

Today I had 20 minutes all to myself while the purple stripes in my hair turned purpler.

Today I talked to my hair stylist about her six month old colicky baby who still wakes up four times a night, and remembered that some things are harder than dealing with tweenishness.

Today I struggled to figure out why it is acceptable to tell American parents that they must report to work in the middle of a pandemic whether they have child care or not. I came to no better conclusions than on any other day in the last one year and thirteen days.

Today I learned more about my son’s online only schedule for spring.

Today I worried about my hybrid only schedule for spring.

Today I looked at the news. It was not particularly encouraging.

Today I put my feet up and watched the clouds blow away and the sun come out.

Today I pretended it was summer so we could eat dinner outside.

Today I watched my son bounce on the trampoline while playing catch with his dad.

Today I curled up under a blanket and wrote in my blog.

Today, at last, I get a chance to read.

6 thoughts on “Today, I

  1. This was so delightful to read. I loved your random thoughts and the continuity in between them. I’m almost scared to write my own for fear it would be so far away from what I originally intended. My favorite part was, “I was not thanked…” That made me laugh terribly as I thought about my four not-always-very-thankful sons (smile)!

    I think the best surprises of this post is that though it may not have been ideal, there’s still plenty of warm moments of sunshine – figuratively and literally – that shine through and remind us that there are many things to appreciate in our lives, unexpected experiences and all. Thank you so much for sharing.

    ~Carla Michelle

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  2. First, this one tweaked my heart – “Today I hand fed the elderly cat in the linen closet where she likes to hide and sleep, and gently pet her greatly diminished frame.” I had an elderly cat with a greatly diminished frame. Your words brought back that time in my life. And this one made me smile – “Today I dashed off in the middle of lunch because I had to get to a haircut appointment.” With so few appts/places to be, I’m amazed at how easy it is to forget them. Great format and interesting reading. Hang in there with that boy. Today, I cooked waffles for grandsons, 2 & 4, who were thrilled with them!

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