Today Is…

A woken from sleep to fix a nightmare day

A spill tea on the cat day

A road closed on the way to school day

A give the sixth graders scissors day

A pick up scraps of paper day

A work through lunch day

A meeting in my prep day

A when do I have time for 99 emails day

A child playing manipulator day

A whining at dinner day

A bloody nose at bedtime day

A “mom, mom, mom!” every time I turn around day

A blurry vision, need new glasses day

A cats fighting in the hallway day

Today is…



10 thoughts on “Today Is…

    • Oh, the scissors! Never let 6th graders cut things! I know this, but thought, maybe this year I won’t lose two whole class periods in the process of cutting and making notes. Nope. It takes me 5 minutes to do, and it takes a bunch of 6th graders two days.

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    • I don’t think I managed much kindness to myself, unfortunately. Today I covered two periods for a sick colleague, taught my own classes (which behaved like wild animals in a zoo, unlike my colleagues lovely 6th graders), taught advisory, and then was finally finished with my “part-time” teaching job and put my mom hat back on. I feel like I have been hit by 100 sticks and am 87 years old!

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